Netroots for the Troops®, 2012 Press Release

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It’s that time of year again, fundraising for Netroots for the Troops®. Next week we’ll launch a Blogathon. Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse has been working tirelessly organizing this. Along with all the multitude of things she has going on in her life she has done an outstanding job. We’re going to have some amazing guest blogging for us.

Below the squig you’ll find our Netroots for the Troops® 2012 General Press Release. We have additional news coming, but along with everyone else we’re waiting for the announcement about a panel we’ve submitted for Netroots Nation in Providence this Summer.

Netroots for the Troops®
Each year for the past four years, we at the non-profit Netroots for the Troops® have raised money to send hundreds of specially designed Care Packages to U.S. combat troops deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. These packages have included the practical, such as gloves, gel shoe insoles, socks, sand scarves, powdered energy drinks and LED flashlights, as well as the recreational, such as DVDs, CDs and comic books.  All told, in those four years we have shipped 1,100 Care Packages to military personnel in three different Brigades of the 3rd Marine Division in cooperation with their Family Readiness Office, and to elements of the 101st Airborne.  This year we’ll be supporting the 841st En Bn.

This year our goal is twofold: 150 Care Packages overseas, and 300 to VA Hospitals in the NE/NY region. That’s no small matter.  Acquiring the products to go into the packages and shipping them overseas will cost approximately $100,000. To meet that goal, we need your help.

You can assist us, either as an individual or as a corporation. Individuals can make a cash donation to;

Netroots for the Troops®

Corporations can become sponsors either by making a tax-deductible cash donation or by providing a product in multiples of multiples of 150 and or 300: 150 for a forward deployed unit
and 300 for VA hospital patients. We look forward to working with you.

= = =

Netroots For The Troops® is a project of Netroots for the Troops, Inc., a Virginia non-profit corporation. Although incorporated in 2010, this project began in 2008 at the Netroots Nation Convention in Austin TX, and subsequent years in Pittsburgh, PA, Las Vegas, NV, Minneapolis, MN and this coming June in Providence, RI.  The organization raises money for the assembly, mailing and delivery of Care Packages to American military in war zones and to provide assistance to military families in the United States.

Netroots For The Troops, Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.

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