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Netroots for the Troops

Netroots for the Troops® Executive Directer Tony Gattis

Each year for the past five years, we at the non-profit Netroots for the Troops® have raised money to send hundreds of specially designed Care Packages to U.S. combat troops deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. These packages have included the practical, such as gloves, gel shoe insoles, socks, sand scarves, powdered energy drinks and LED flashlights, as well as the recreational, such as DVDs, CDs and comic books.

All told, in those five years we have shipped 1,100 Care Packages to military personnel in three different Brigades of the 3rd Marine Division in cooperation with their Family Readiness Office, to elements of the 101st Airborne, and this year to the 841st En Bn. LTC William S. “Clete” Schaper Battalion Commander.

In 2013, we will continue our mission to send Care Packages overseas, and expand our reach to support military families on the home front.  This support provides an instant boost in morale, reminding deployed troops and military families that we recognize and appreciate their sacrifices and that we care about their well-being.  That’s no small matter. Acquiring the products to go into the packages and shipping them overseas will cost approximately $100,000. To meet that goal, we need your help.

You can assist us, either as an individual or as a corporation. Individuals can make a cash donation by clicking below:

Corporations can become sponsors either by making a tax-deductible cash donation or by providing in-kind donations of items such as gloves, gel insoles, beef jerky, coffee, peanut butter, and flash drives. For more information on how you can become a corporate sponsor of Netroots for the Troops®, you can contact us:

Tony Gattis
Executive Director